There’s something about sitting around a fire toasting marshmallows.

It brings friends and family together and creates lasting memories.

Smore Cups

Have you ever wished there was an easier, less messy way to eat s’mores

It took two moms and lots of sticky fingers to come up with a solution.

Longtime friends Jill Carlson and Kristine Uniacke came up with the idea of a S’morecup while sitting around a campfire in Plymouth, MA in 2017. After countless years of dealing with their own kid’s sticky fingers, they came up with the perfect solution: a graham cracker cup with chocolate filling. No more marshmallows oozing out the sides and onto surrounding fingers, plates and napkins! After months of refining the recipe and hours of taste testing on their own kids, Jill and Kristine finally came up with the perfect solution. S’morecups are perfectly baked graham cracker cups with your choice of fine Belgian white, milk or dark chocolate inside. Kids will especially love the S’morecups with candies and toppings added to the chocolate. S’morecups are locally made by hand in small batches and shipped nationwide. All you have to do is toast the marshmallows and make memories.